FAQs about our motorboat and VHF training courses

Frequently Asked Questions about our boat training courses

When are the course dates?

Our online booking reservation system will show all our planned RYA course dates and is available for your convenience. It does not include dates available for training onboard your own boat or the training courses designed by us. If you would like to discuss own boat training or you do not see a particular course or dates that are suitable for you, please contact us. We are always happy to have a chat about your training requirements and often add additional dates to meet the needs of our customers.

Can I take courses on my own boat?

Yes of course. All our practical courses can be taken both on your own boat or ours. However, if you require your ICC to be validated on craft over 10M LOA then this will need to be taken on a vessel over 10M. This can be done on our training vessel.

I have taken some courses, how do I gain more experience?

Why not spend a day with one of our instructors? We can tailor training to your current level of experience and focus on how we can improve your skills. Bring the whole family along and let them get some hands on experience under the watchful eye of the instructor.

How do I progress after completing an RYA course?

RYA courses follow a progression route from beginner to the more advanced. We can discuss your individual requirements once we know where and when you would like to go boating.

I’m really struggling with the mooring at my marina. It’s a really tight space to get into, can you help?

Of course! If you just need an hour or so on a boat to support your learning we can easily organise some tuition tailor made for you. We have access to some very experienced instructors that have sailed around the world who are all happy to help.

Can my family come with me?

Definitely! We can accommodate the whole family, even the dog, on most of our training courses. Please let us know if you would like to bring them along.

What do I need to do to drive my boat abroad?

The ICC (International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft) is a certificate for anyone who intends to use a boat abroad. We can offer ICC Power endorsements for both Inland and Coastal waters.

I need the CEVNI Certificate.

CEVNI (Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure) is not covered in any of the RYA’s courses, even those specific to inland waterways. It is therefore necessary to have a separate theory test on the CEVNI regulations. There is no separate CEVNI certificate or CEVNI endorsement. Passing the CEVNI multiple choice exam paper simply allows the Inland category on your ICC to be validated, thereby indicating that you have demonstrated knowledge of the traffic regulations applicable on inland waters or Europe.

Do I need a radio licence for my VHF?

Absolutely! The Short Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to operate a VHF set with Digital Selective Calling (DSC). We offer this as a one day course and assessment. On passing the assessment you will be issued with a certificate to operate which allows you to use the radio as an operator. You will then also have to licence the equipment on board and any handheld devices you wish to use away from the mother vessel.

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